84 VF1000F NH1Z Black Colour Code?

Cheers, will keep an eye out for the post.

I would drive to Wangaratta for that price!
I just had a quote for $5300. Nooooooooo!

Holy crap, thats pretty out there, i will confirm price and let you guys know, how long did it take for the decals to arrive in the post?

That would be great. Wangaratta is 720kms from my place but I have a daughter at Albury so I can visit her as part of the trip.
Decals were ordered on 9th May and have not arrived yet

yep $5k is ridiculous…my guess is they did not want to do it…mine is in at the painters now $800…but only the plastics and half the tank and some repairs…so probably not a good comparison.

cheers Tony

Awesome tony, thats sounds a bit of a more realistic price

Hi Tony, is that the Wangaratta guy or elsewhere? I am keen to get mine done as soon as the decals arrive.

Hi jeffo, yes a bit confussing, there are two tony’s on this chat, i am the one in vic with the guy in wang for around $1000 , the other tony is in qld i think has put his in for paint $800, so you could go north or south , around the same price , apparently my decals left a stop over in hong kong a couple of days ago so hopefully not too far away, tony.b

Thanks Tony B. No family in QLD so Wang it is

Hi Tony two ton,
Received my decals yesterday so keen to arrange something with the guy in Wang. Do you want send me his details or would you like to get your decals first and go from there?
I am not sure when I can get down there but I may have other options for getting the parts to him.

Hi jeffo, i finally received my decals yesterday, i was getting worried with all the carona restrictions going on ,anyway i dropped them off to the painter in Wang and hopefully will be finished next week, if you want to give him a call his name is darren brown 0409564099 , not sure on final price yet but he will have a better idea when he’s finished mine, cheers tony

Thanks Tony, doesn’t look like I will be getting down that way any time soon with what’s going on. I will give him a call anyway and at least have something planned for the future.
Cheers Jeff

Your parts are looking great Tony. Darren just sent me some photos!

Yeah mate i was pretty happy, i looked at some of his other work when i dropped off my bits and was very impressed with his finish, nice bloke too!