84 VF1000F NH1Z Black Colour Code?

Hi Guys, my name is Bruno from Australia. This is my first post. I just purchased a 1984 VF1000F painted Candy Orange or it’s a Orange with Orange Pearl (even the seat has been recovered in orange/black vinyl). The Colour Code label has NH-1-Z which i believe is Black. Does anyone on here have this colour code? is it Black and what other colour? a photo would be great because i want to repaint it. Cheers

I would look for available sticker sets and paint to fit that.

Hi Faxe. Thanks for your info. I was hoping someone on here would have the same bike (to match my colour code) so i can see what it looks like. Cheers

Hi Bruno, there are some photos of my black and silver fe in standard uk and European colours,
the sticker sets at available from cb decals in Canada, bit pricy though

Thanks vf_pete. Looks like it has more silver than black ha ha. Cheers Bruno

The FE was produced in 3 colour schemes,white and blue,black and silver and your which I imagine was originally black and red.Sun fade turns the candy red orange eventually.
The red is Candy Alamona Red code: R-124C-U
Regards Bif

Hi Bif. All the plastics were recently painted Candy Orange or Orange Pearl by previous owner (well it belonged to his friend), i forgot to ask what the previous colour was. The colour code label has NH-1-Z which is Gloss Black, but i don’t know if it was Black/Silver or Black/Red. vf_pete thinks it is the Black/Silver but i really want to make sure before i commit to $$ restoring the paintwork and decals. Cheers

Decals available for all colour schemes at CBR decals as Pete says,really up to you which way to go