'84 VF1000F

G’day All,

This will be coming home with me next week[8D] Be great to be back on a bike again…when I can afford the on road costs[:0]

High Km’s but good service history and engine sounds good[8D]

thats a nice looking bike will, i do like the red white and blue vf’s…
nice looking end can’s too… you just need to be on the lookout for a red white and blue side panal to complete it, but more important to get it on the road and run it for a while.

I have a white,red and blue one in my garage going spare,
its Right hand side Battery side and mint condition
I got one of mine from Germany

my own went red in the rebuild as it was the original colour scheme [:D]

only thing is postage will not be cheap

Really nice looking bike!

Thanks Fellas! I’ve always liked the red, white and blue colour scheme. Honda did a CBR1000 in the same colours in the late 80’s or maybe early '90’s? I lusted after one of those too but they were scarce. Ended up with a ZZ-R1100 Kwaka for a while. Scary fast! Sent you an email windysolar1 :slight_smile: The only other V-4 I’ve owned/ridden was the '95 VFR 750[last gear cam drive model]and this bike feels very similar to sit on, even though they are 11 years apart in build dates!

Sidecovers refitted, and found a cheap seat at the wreckers so i can still ride while the other one is being recovered. :slight_smile:

Fitted the recovered blue seat today, as well a the custom rego plate[8D]

Thats one hell of a wheelie bar you have on that !

Strap some road kill Roo’s on the rack.Looks a good bike though,nice cans.

They are a little over-engineered eh Martin? An Australian company called Gearsack make them and I agree, they have always looked a little bulky. The Ventura racks are a lot lighter and are reversible so that the bag can sit on the pillion seat area which aids stability, but makes mounting/dismounting more difficult while in that position.
They are however a good solid rack that is not known for failing on those long rides ie. across the Nullabor Plain.
Great looking bike William, how does it ride? If you need some road kill roos, let me know, I have plenty around here!

only in the land of the “ute” could you use a rack like that, to be honest i think its great, does exactly what its designed to do and makes a great pillion back rest too.

the only thing im not liking in the pictures is the weather, come on guys its supposed to be winter in OZ,

This is winter Pete! Bloody freezing!

Thanks Guys. The racks were definitely over-engineered eh! I’ve had five different bikes over the years and never had one fail. My brother is giving me a top box that was on his BMW so I might modify the rack to suit it…better weather resistance than soft luggage [8D]

I see no shortage of road kill in my work as a long distance Courier, though I won’t be riding the VF to Cobar any time soon![:D]

So far I’ve only ridden it about 30km to and from the registration inspection point, I’ll take it for a decent run once the new Pirelli Demons are fitted. The front is knackered and badly worn, and the rear has picked up a steel staple in the tread area, but being past half worn it’s gonna go in the bin anyway.

The only thing left to do is fit this used tacho I bought off Gumtree, got the whole dash assembly and the speedo was in MPH! My tacho has a broken needle and wasn’t working anyway. I hope removing the fairing, screen etc to get to it isn’t too big a job!

My brother Mick gave me his unwanted topbox. The original mount was toast, and being a cheapskate I modified the over engineered Gearsack rack and bolted it directly to the rack with ss fasteners. It’s as solid as a rock and I now have secure waterproof storage. Cost? About $6.00 worth of ss bolts and nuts[:D]

I also had the new Pirelli’s fitted last Friday, and managed to find a set of blue levers. My original clutch lever was bent and the wrong one, I bought a new non adjustable one from Honda before spotting the adjustable set on Ebay. My left hand isn’t the same since the stroke and means I can now control the clutch lever much better, really important on a 100+ horsepower cycle[8D]

I only ever ride solo, and there is still room[just]on the seat for my expandable tail bag and throwover panniers.
I’ll post a pic or two of everything fitted asap, of my completed budget tourer[8D]

This weekend just passed I managed to clock up about 500km in total on the VF. The new Pirelli Demon Sports performed faultlessly, right from new and only improved as the kilometres rolled by. I had an issue on the Saturday while on the Vintage bike run, two of the bolts holding the rack vibrated loose and fell out[:0] Luckily the remaining two bolts held it until I noticed and removed it.

The other issue was my fault as well, when I was replacing the rack brackets I was a little rough with the inside of the tail piece where the igniter boxes are, and unknowingly dislodged a plug-but not enough for it to pull right out. The rough roads on the day did that and on the way home the engine cut out[:0] I managed to track down the issue and get going again[8D] I had noticed a slight weep from the LH fork seal, that was worse after the first day of riding. It worsened further on the Sunday ride so that’s the next job. Might as well have them both replaced while it’s in the shop.

I would like to track down a set of 'bar risers, about 25mm would do as my wrists and forearms were quite sore by Sunday night. I wonder if any of you guys have risers fitted?[8D]

Where did your ride take you William? Is that Wollongong’s coastline?

hi will, other than a few teething problems which you can always expect on a new second hand bike, sounds like youve had a good run out.

Yeah Guys, all things considered I’m happy with the VF.
ajcmbrown, yep-that pic is Stanwell Park. Our ride went St Marys-Liverpool-Heathcote-Royal National Park-Stanwell Park-Wollongong-Albion Park-Macquarie Pass-Robertson-Mittagong via back roads-Bargo-Picton-St Marys. I was having fun playing tunes with the pipes on Macquarie Pass! :slight_smile: