85 F2 tyres

I’m not intending to make a habit of multiple posts in the same day!

I’ve seen some previous threads on tyres, but I’m in a town of 30,000 that’s 80Km from anywhere bigger and 160Km form a major city, so my tyre choices are a bit limited.

Local options seem to be limited to:

  1. MetzelerLasertec in the two proper sizes;
  2. BT45 100/90 front, BUT apparently only 130/80 or 140/70 rear;
  3. Michelin, if the distributor can be bothered forwarding them;
  4. Chinese something or others.

Any reason to avoid the Lasertec?
Wear? Bike will be 80% me with or without some luggage, 20% 2up @ 160Kg plus gear.
Wet weather? South Coast NSW gets more rain than the UK average in about half the number of wet days.

A bit more hunting may turn up a rear BT45 in the right size, but I don’t know.

Most of my previous bike bike tyre experience was with BT39s, BT45s & the original Dunlop Sport Radials on a Suzuki GS1100G. Cheers

bt are good i found but dont last long going to try mezler next time

Thanks for that. Hopefully this one’ll be mobile in the next few weeks, so I’ll be able to give feedback on whatever I finish up with!

I have owned a F2 from 2005, and I have used Pirelli Sport Demons, BT45:s, and now I am running Michelin Pilot Road 2:s. Not exactly correct size, but close enough. Michelins seem to last best, I was not very happy with Pirellis, and BT45 fronts were wavy in one summer.

I found pirelli and metzler tyres drop the bike suddenly due to a triangular profile.Our F2 is currently running michelin mac50 which have been first class in all weathers.These tyres have been replaced by the pilot activ claiming a 20% increace in tyre life.BIF

Hi Hippo

Comstar wheels can be a b%t#h to change tyres on, particularly breaking the bead.

Pretty sure there will be a M/C tyre service in Canberra if that is not too far.

Thanks for that. Lovely ride, especially via Batemans Bay / Kings Hwy, but it would be a very big ask the way these tyres look! :slight_smile:
Gray Jobson in Nowra will be first port of call. He’s a Metzeler stockist & a good workshop; yet to find out if he can source Michelin Pilot 2 as well. Supply of those to vendors seems to be a bit slow sometimes!

Well, it’s back home after a thorough going over and with a set of Metzeler Roadtec Z6 - 110/80x18 & 150/70x17. Rode it back and it feels like a completely different bike; understandable really! Now I just have to resist the temptation to take it out of the garage again until it’s actually registered in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your input.

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