86 vf1000f2f bol d'or

my 86 f2f just passed its MOT with no problems other than there was no red reflector on the back as the rear mud guard is shortened presumably been damaged in the past. The speedo cable just broke so I need to know how much of the fairing will need to be stripped off to get at the cable to fix it. (new to bike maintenance this being my first bike in 30 years). I asked some questions in anotherpart of the forum today to so wont repeat it here, Just worried that for a big bike, mine seems sluggish , smells like its running rich and I am not sure about the fork set up dials what they do and what they need to be set at . Hope some kindly person can help The bike has only done 20k from new and I have done one of them since I bought it. Didnt realise how expensive spares for it are going to be almst feel like putting it away and buying something ele incase I drop it again … forunately very little damage from a low speed topple over, But bloody heavy to pick back up again aren’t they
Anyway hope someone can Help …

Hello from Finland again. You are just like me: first bike in 29 years was this big, heavy thing, and not the easiest to work with, not mentioning expensive and hard-to get spares. It was five years ago, and have never regretted that decision. I’ll go to garage, and check the routing to you.

once again , thank you so much !

Top fairing has to be removed=winshield, mirrors, some wires, but not too big hassle. Get a shop manual and parts fiche (parts fiche can be downloaded from homepage of this forum) these help a lot.

Thanks stripped it all down today got a new cable and got the bike back together, only lost one screw, dropped one fo the screws that fasten the windshield inner cover/ mirror mounting cover, onto a black tarmac drive , cant find it anywhere and dont have a metal detector or a big magnet . miffed about that , just need to do the exhausts now

tried to post this before but it wouldnt send for some reason. Anyway for some reason the clutch lever travel is now all the way back to the bar and it should only be about half that before it lets go . I have checked the fluid level in the top up tank and its fine so what am I missing? what do I have to do to get the clutch back working normally ?

It could be either or both the clutch slave cylinder(the large piston that acts on the clutch pushrod on the motor end)or the master cylinder piston(at the bars) becoming stuck and not returning fully. Or it could simply need the system bleeding through with fresh fluid to replace the old cruddy stuff.