86 VF1000ff

Here is my 1986 FF, all original apart from previous owner fitting pannier/carrier studs through tail fairing

hi roger, bike looks in great condition, hope your making best use of the late summer sunshine and putting a few miles on the clock.

Got all the back end off it now, greasing up all suspension parts,new seals in rear wheel, oi and filter change of course, powder coated centre stand which was looking very tatty plus side stand, rear brake master cylinder, rear brake mounting bracket, all in black also got the passenger grab rail done in silver, looks really good and a perfect match to original silver, all powder coating done by Triple S in Bingley. Have also manufactured a luggage rack from 1/2 inch 18swg steel tube and had that powder coated black, will post pic of that when I put it all back together. New picture here prior to work starting…

Nice one Roger, thats the same year and model as mine which is the dark blue version. Im going to try and arrange a UK VF1000 meet up / weekend next year. Up for that ?


Thanks Martin, yes I am interested in a VF meet up, would be interesting…

nice one roger, i had my frame powder coated by triple S at bingley earlier this year, there workmanship and service was bang on and reasonably priced too, and like you say the silver is a perfect match to the original honda colour.
Anyway only another 4/5 month’s of dreary winter weather to endure, would be nice if we could get some nice weather next year and about a dozen or so vf’s all to the meet up, would make a great thread and photo opertunity on here,

yes Pete they are really 1st class, I could do with stripping my bike and getting the frame done as well but the thought of doing that quenches my enthusiasm, not after a concours anyhow, as long as the mechanics are sound I will put up with it… prefer to be riding it not looking at it…lol…roll on the end of March ish…

Nice one Roger. Looks very tidy, how does she ride?

I am a big fella, ajcmbrown, 6ft 4 and about 19 st or 119 kg so do tend to put it to the test every time I go out. Overall for such an old bike on original suspension components I find it does really well. I don’t tend to hang about and on my fave sort of roads out in the country, Ripon to Leyburn to Hawes for example, I find the only real problem is occasional grounding of the collector box, it copes really well. The anti dive, serviced last year, is a gimmick that I cannot detect working or not, front forks are maybe due some uprated springs next time I have an oil seal fail and the rear suspension, which I have been riding at 25 psi I am going to increase to 35 or so to see if it helps with the bottoming out when I get it back on the road at end of March. I average about 200/250 miles every time I go out, so it gets used as often as the weather allows, too bloody old for all weather riding … I will post if it does help at all. Bit cold for the Garage at the moment so will be finishing off my winter work in March sometime…

I too have reservations about the anti dive, I have owned several bikes over the years that had anti dive, I could never pick the difference to a well set up front end.
My rear shock must have sacked out some time in the past, the PO fitted a Ohlins rear shock with remote adjuster, and also replaced the front brake hoses with braided steel jobs.
I have had my forks apart and like many people, did not realise that the damper rod on the rhs needs to mate up to a slot in the lower leg, again something I can see no reason for.
I hope to have mine registered in the next week so that I can put some kms on it while we still have some summer left.
While I am only 6’0" I am a similar weight so it will be interesting to see how it performs.

Hi Tony and Roger, I am about 6’ and weigh about 95kgs but have found that these bikes handle quite well for thier age.
I took the ‘HO’ out last Monday and ‘LIKE IT’. [:D]
Every time i get on this thing i enjoy it more and more.
For an old bike, she performs very well. About 2 months ago I noticed that when braking it would dive down realy bad to nearly hitting the tripple clamps and i didn’t have to put any pressure on the cap to start the thread. I measured the springs and they were within specs so just thought it was set up for a small asian fella. I removed the pipes inside the fork and put 30mm longer pipes in it, now i have to put pressure on the springs to put caps back on and with 15psi handles frigging awsome and now it is about 3 inches from tripple clamps on hard braking.
Anyway, 3 weeks from Phillip island and have discovered that the right fork leg seal needs to be done, starter motor needs to be done and front cylinder rockers need adjusting. gotta find time between work, wife and kids. good luck to me.