A bit of maintenance

I’ve been noticing a small puddle of coolant under the R,half a cup at most the day after it’s been run.
Eventually traced it to the tell tale on the water pump.
I decided to try a recon pump from America and then saw the price,so found a new one in Italy
image image image
The inner hose was also well past it’s best so has been replaced with a nos one I picked up somewhere.
It passed a Saturday afternoon quite nicely especially the crypton factor bit of fitting the pump without removing the frame rail.
A while back I picked up a couple of gasket sets when they were £15 each so had the necessary O rings too.
Ran up to temperature,fans on and all seems well.
I will have a little test run tomorrow as I had partaken of some necessary garage lubricant todayimage


Result on the water pump bif, is that an extra small kronenberg or an extra large wd40. :joy:


Look forward to Kronenbourg producing a trade size can,these pint size ones are pathetic :rofl: