A few rounds with Ali!

So, in Ireland today we are being battered by the first storm of the 18 season, Storm Ali.

The Met Office has a bit of a habit of overstating such things, so I set off on the might VF this morning, for my usual 32km commute. It was a bit hairy in places, no doubt, but not threateningly so.

I had to pop into the bank before heading for the office, so I parked in what I thought was a sheltered walk way into a plaza.

I parked the bike on the sidestand close to the wall, thinking ti would be in the lee of the gusts. I was walking away, teasing off my gloves after getting fairly soaked in the rain, when i was assailed by the crunching of plastic!

I turned around to see the bike had caught a gust and had fallen against the wall on its left side and slid down.

There was fluid on the ground too and I feared a holed rad!

A kind passerby helped me right the beast and I managed to get it to safety. A quick look found the fluid was petrol from the overflow and the damage was scraped bar ends and a busted right mirror!


Rode it very gingerly the few hundred meters over to the office and it is now safely stashed inside the building.

The old battleship stood up rather well to a few rounds with Ali.

At least you got away with it ascalon! We are flying home from Portugal tomorrow into Leeds Bradford. It’s the worst airport in UK for landing, and we expect 45 mph crosswind on arrival​:fearful::fearful::fearful:

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