add a switch in parallel to power the rad fan manually ?

Can anyone shed any light on where the sensor is for temperature so i can wire a manual switch to power the fan, i’m not crazy about how hot it gets before the fan comes on to cool it down. I’ve seen it done before and it worked quite well.


hi, if your bike is a 1984 FE or the later ff model the fan switch is on the upper radiator behind the nose cone fairing,
A better way of keeping them cool is to swap the fan switch for one that comes in at a lower temperature, (Rover part BNP1883) comes in about 10/15 degrees lower, i have one on my fe and ff and they work a treat fetching the fans in when the temperature gauge goes just over quarter way… there is a thread in the owners lounge titled “FE thermostatic switch” which has more info in it…

thanks, much appreciated!!