adjusting throttle stop screw to sort idle speed

Hi am new to the forum. I cannot get a hand in the adjust the throttle stop anybody got any ideas to access it please ? Thank you for you advice atassiedevil. Have located but cant get hand in. Wife can but she cant turn it as can only get finger tips on and she cant get purchase and it is tight.

Do you have trouble finding it? or just adjusting it?
It’s on the bottom of the carbs on the left bank, directly under the float bowl. Should be easy to find.
Should also be easy to turn it by hand to adjust your idle.
Report back if you have issues.

The idle adjuster should be fairly simple to access and move however the carb balancing screws are a mare. You can buy long screwdrivers with the end turned at right angles and a flexi drive through the middle.
If you need photo’s to help picture what I mean let me know.


If you’re carb balancing, two options i have found work well.

Or, ideally, These.

A dentists mirror and torch helps as well.

Hope that helps.

Just bought one of these, not had a lot of success so far…bloody nightmare

I’ve tried those ones too. Not had a lot of success with them, hence my suggestions.

That’s pretty close to the genuine Honda tool (originally made for CBX1000 pilot screws) that I use.
Looks as if it is longer from the bend up to the blade,that would make it awkward.
Motion pro do a replica of the Honda tool for around £20.00
Regards Bif

As we all know the trouble is the engine needs to be running and at normal running temp ( bloody hot !) Trying to then get a small screw driver bit onto a jiggling screw head which just happens to be buried deep in a dark inaccessible crevice - what could be simpler ??