Advice on CB1000F 1984

Ok i’m new around here.

My name is Jonathan and I live in Canada.

I just sold my CB750 Nighthawk S 1984… god I loved that thing…

Now I have a deal on a VF1000F 1984 50 000km on it.

I’ve checked for top end noise and its pretty noiseless, Looks like honda installed the oil line kit on the engine a while ago since I saw some banjo bolt and lines running across the engine.

Now I would like to know, compare to the CB750 nighthawk S, is the VF1000 more confortable?

On the bike I’ll have to redo the paint on it, change the belly protector, change tire, and clean everything up.

How many should I pay for it?

Any advice?


Hi bud, I have just bought a vf1000fe (intercepter) it was a canadian import, but thats fine I used to live in acton Ont. I paid £600.00 for it (check exchange rate for a comparison), it was yellow and in need of some parts and lots of TLC, I had it resprayed and new tyres, carbs needed sorting out and everything cleaned and freed, but it was a solid bike with only 22000kms on it with all paper work to back the mileage up. In uk they go for £300.00 to over 1200 or even over 1500 if it is a minter, people trying to sell for more than this usualy see them on ebay for quite a while. I will spend 600 puting it right, I dont count tyres as they are just consumables anyway, as long as the engine sounds right and you look after the oil etc it should be a good bike the rest is up to you to want to spend on an old bike, people on here do it for the love of the bike not as a commuter or a weekend thrasher. These bikes have something special, I have a zzr1200 that is a missile compared to the vf but it doesnt have the character. If you want a comfy bike there are lots out there that might be better but if you WANT a vf1000 then go get it. cheers.