After market collector

Iā€™m in the process of tweaking my Boldor for the Scottish run.
Although the collector on the bike is in good condition,modified cams and some mild porting has me thinking of something freer flowing in the exhaust department.
I have a good set of F1 tail pipes and was thinking of mating them with this Jama down pipe set

Does anyone have experience of this collector?
P.S Mrs Bif was away for a couple of days when this pic was taken :joy:


Hi Bif, zero experience but they look great, Iā€™d love to fit something like that to mine!

Hi Bif,
Sorry no experience but these look good, I am interested in what you choose as an exhaust. I like my standard exhausts on the VF1000R but they are getting old now and I cannot find any options to replace or repair them when the time comes!