After market silencers 1985 VF1000r

Friends, Romans, lend me your ears… I have a newly acquired 1985 VF1000r, very nice too. The engine is beautifully quiet but the exhaust note is offensively inoffensive, too muted, none of the V4 deep base rumble that my vfr 750s have had. So question is (I almost hesitate to ask) can anyone recommend a set of twin silencers that release the true character of that magnificent engine? don’t want anything so loud the local vicar could believe the 2nd coming had arrived… thoughts appreciated

These sound nice on my fe.
looks are in the eye of the beholder i guess but they are ss and cheap

Also they aren’t loud in fact quiet at low speed so you don’t annoy the neighbours, but when you open the throttle you are rewarded with a hint of rc30 as the revs build.

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should have mentioned that I did no rejetting, however the bike was running a little on the rich side to begin with.

What make are they and where did you get them?

I got them off ebay.
they were about £20 each a few years ago.
They are ss and have removable baffles.
They have no name so probs from china but brand new for substantial ss end cans I can’t fault them.