Geoff Johnson 1985 TT winner senior

Wow, that looks amazingly stock!

You said it! I’'ll rebuild my VFII like this one!

It even still has the grab rail and rear guard extender This bike won at the Isle of Man TT in this state? Incredible.
Normally you would see everything not absolutely necessary stripped off in the interests to reducing weight, this bike looks as though he pulled his daily ride out of the garage, slapped some numbers on and rode to the island (via the ferry) to race it.

isn’t this the model that everyone says doesn’t steer well because of the 18" front wheel?

iT WAS TOTALLY STOCK . He had to use this because the R he was supposed to run went tits up before the start so they took the mirrors of his own road bike, thats all and he won on that .!
And who ever sia d these bikes dont steer, clearly hasnt ever taken a run over the snAKE PASS OR THE cAT AND fIDDLE ON ONE … OK its not liek a modern sports bike now but when they are on song they are brilliant and very under rated … I have a couple for sale if anyone is interested because I no longer have anywhere to keep them

Geoff Johnson could / can really ride the wheels off a bike. Most gifted riders can take any bike with a half decent engine and handling and make them do the most amazing things. I remember Ron Haslam riding a stock VFR 750 round Donnington back in `75 -ish. By christ - did he squeeze the pips out of that !

How many of us have been riding along and come across the tarts on their ZX / RS / whatever and with the humpy riding leathers to emulate their heroes but when you give them a little chase they havent got a clue " all the gear and no idea" You really dont need all that power for us mere mortals.

Victor Meldrew

Yes loads of them with “all the makeup” but no idea.
A few years ago when I had my KTM620 I would often ride home after a days trail riding through an area of very twisty road where all the local scratchers would hang out, often overtaking them on knobbies and covered in mud! They almost all sit up as if to say “WTF?” I would just continue on my journey home grinning from ear to ear!

As we all know
its not all about speed
its distance that matters really

I have seen plenty of foolish riders killed on these British roads


On a recent trip oop North with a mixed bag of bikes,that’s to say three blackbirds and one BolDor,Johnboy on the Bol was the pace setter.There were lots of bikes out that weekend and the only thing that passed the Bol was a local lad on a KTM RC8 on the Tomintoul road.That was a real sight to see cos Johnboy hung on to his tail and worried him like a terrier with a rat.Work is in progress to be sure the Bol count will be higher on our next outing.

Held so much fuel he did not need to stop.

I know the guy he beat into 2nd place that year Bill Simpson,father of Ian who raced the norton rotary.
He was riding a GPZ900 that year along with half the grid.Geoff had won in 1984 on a GPZ so was no one hit wonder and pipped Bill to the post by four tents of a second!
His average speed of 105.12 mph was actually fractionally slower than his performance the previous year.
Bill put the win down to the size of Geoff’s balls
Regards Bif