airbox + breather/separator bracket

just wondering if anyone has a unwanted airbox for an ff they wish to sell, and also the bracket that holds the breather/separator bottle in position (it fits on the frame, under the seat and usually has a green earth wire on the same bolt hole)

I have a 84fe air box , just the box with the metal grill found it in my garage yesterday.
look the same as the picture
whats it worth ?


hi lloyd,

ive sent you a PM regarding the airbox.

I have just the air box with the grill filter
Nothing else

hi lloyd,

thanks for looking but i could really do with a complete one,

So still looking for an air box complete with lid and air intake pipes (elephants trunks) and also the breather separator bracket pictured earlier,

I’m Shure we have a complete air box in the store and I remember seeing the bracket while searching for a regulator last week.Im away for a few days but will have a look when I get back Monday.
Regards Bif

thanks bif,

just noticed i could also do with a thermostat housing for a ff, or at least the lower half, just looked at the one which came with the ff engine and the bracket is broken and the sender is missing,

Found the airbox,it’s all there plus the setting spring for the air filter,can’t find the bracket for love nor money tho.
Good news is I do have a thermostat housing PM me to sort out address for posting and the like,
Regards Bif

many thanks bif,

PM sent.

Airbox and thermostat housing was sent off Friday Pete,
sorry not to have let you know earlier had a busy few days.
Hope they are what your looking for,
Regards Bif

hi bif, yes they have just arrived today, yes i am happy with both items, ive sent you a pm regarding the payment info,

thanks again