Another New Guy

Hello everyone, I’m currently looking to buy a Vf1000f to blast around South Wales on, something clean and tidy and running, but the prices seem all over the place. Any guidance much appreciated.

Welcome Bart, the only advice would be the same as any 30 year old bike you might look at. History, history and more history. The earlier "FE"s are prettier in my opinion but the later FF’s had a slightly different engine so it could be argued Honda uprated them. The FE’s had 16 inch front wheels so probably more difficult to get a range of tyres for. Its a good time to buy as I cant think of any other large Jap bike from the 80’s as cheap as these at the moment and that’s not because they’re any worse or troublesome than many of the much more expensive ones.
Good hunting.

I also much prefer half faired look of the FE. I have often wondered if a FF engine is a straight swap for a FE engine in the FE frame?

hi bart,
welcome to the forum, buying a vf1000f is just like buying anyother 30 year old bike, good clean and relativly original bikes do come up for sale occasionaly, and they dont fetch anything near what they are really worth so its probably a good time to buy one, but beware of ebay “barn finds” i am of the conclusion that anything thats been stuffed away in a barn for 6 or may be 10 years has been there because it has issues.

hi jeremy,
it is possible to squeeze a ff engine into a fe frame, but unfortunatly it is impossible to then remove the rear rocker cover to set the valve clearences… a better option is to fit the fe body work to an ff.

Right. I get what you mean. I find myself in a not too dissimilar position but I wont hijack this thread.

Welcome all!

I get the feeling the VF is about to go classic the true sense, as prices do seem to have been creeping up lately, and so has supply.

I’m about to complete a CBR wheel upgrade on my FF so can’t really make an argument for the OE tyre issues.

Thanks for the welcome guys, I tried to post this the other day but the web seems to have gobbled it up ??
I have my eye on a couple of bikes, an F and an R, but the R is closer so will look at that next week but the F has been owned by the current owner for many many years so does sound tempting but has a relatively high mileage.
Am I correct in assuming that these engines with appropriate servicing and oil feed mods are good and last well ?

I have a 99 Blade, owned from new, with over 65k miles and it still runs perfectly and may well see me out at this rate !!!

Bart welcome to the world of VFs.
On the last run out we had to Hulme End the bike that used least oil had over 57000 miles on it.
The rider(GMCC) can peddle a bike and by his own admission is “larger than your average bear”.
Good maintenance is key to keeping the old girls running,achieving high miles is not a real issue after all it is a Honda.
Best regards Bif

Picked up a 86 FF yesterday, it looks pretty clean and tidy with just a few little things to do. The previous owner had it for 23 years and was a bit sad to see it go to say the least.

It needs a service and new tyres as they are well past their “use by date”, I’ve read through the tyre threads but am no nearer deciding…??

It’s done 50K miles but regularly serviced, has a oil mod and sounds great, just been looking at the brakes and things like copper slip seem to be in all the right places so fingers crossed its a good one.

:DNice looking bike. Think you have a good one there.

That looks like a beauty. Well found and nabbed. Keep us posted.

That’s a cracking looking ff… and with so few owner it looks like it has been looked after… we’ll bought matey.

Thanks guys, I hope it will be a good one too.

Just a quick question (first of many no doubt) I have the front wheel off but the axle spindle nut is stuck so the spindle won’t come out. What is the best penetrating oil ?
I’ve currently got the wheel on its side and a puddle of gt85 in the hole but as yet no movement.

That looks a cracker, mate, good buying skillz :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard.

And remember, the golden rule here: pictures or it didn’t happen! :wink:


Very nice 86! Congrats!

Well have been busy in the shed giving it a deep service, had a few issues (see cam follower thread) but that is sorted now. However, the idle speed screw was seized and then broke off at the carb, so had to get the carbs off to drill, tap and braze a new screw on the end of the flexi bit. This dislodged some crud in the carbs so off they came again for a clean and it’s now running sweet.
Sometimes it’s one step forwards and two back.

Hopefully I will get to actually ride it this week…

On the positive side - at least you’re really good at getting those carbs on and off.

Very true, Youtube was very very handy for tips etc.

It’s also good getting to know the bike as well. It always amazes me why more people do not spray their bikes with wd40, or similar, it keeps them looking soooooooooooooooo much better and can stop things seizing up.