another newbie in the states

Hi guys and gals. Can anyone please tell me where i can get the tool to remove the center bolt that holds the clutch plates in place? It would help if i mentioned that the bike is a 86 VF1000R.

Thanks all,

I made my own one but i expect Honda dealer is the only option as it is a special Honda tool.

My machinist friend made one to me, but homemade solutions can be seen here: Hammer-chisel method is not recommended, especially correct torque is hard to have when assembling the clutch.

Thanks for all the great ideas. Ive seen tools on ebay but, was uneasy about buying one because i didnt know the correct size of the necessary tool. There are 20 and 24 mm tools. Does anyone know what the correct diameter is?

the one i made is 43mm outside dia and 32mm inside dia with two 6mm wide tangs to fit in the castle nut on the clutch.I put a 1/2" square into the end so could use my torque wrench.