Another oil mod kit

I found this through Google, has anyone any experience or thoughts/opinions on it?[?]

hi phil, haven’t seen this particular make before, but it looks the same principal as the dale walker “hole shot engineering” one i got…
did you get chance to use the honda cam lifter.

I have had plenty of chances to use the cam lifter, I’m getting too soft to work in the cold, maybe a little later…

[:D]this is a copy of the original Dave Dodge Kit that He developed in America and it works superbly as I have one fitted to my bike.
Takes 4 hours to fit . got to take the carbs off to do the job well,I fitted new inlet rubbers as my ones leaked £45.00

10/10 Kit[:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]
Crooky reverse engineered some so I got mine from him.

Complete dodle to fit get your huge pipe grips out for the old oil filter bolt removal[}:)]

Just bought one! so lets wait and see what its like.

yep… your right about the cold phil, i keep going in garage, walk round the bike a few times, stand, look, think a little… then go in house for a warm lol…

Originally posted by philjo

Just bought one! so lets wait and see what its like.

Should have messaged me,I have a couple left and am going to make some more up in the next few weeks.My kits use a K & N filter.Have a look on the 'in the shed section and there is pics of the kits i made up.