Another VF to Crooky stable

Just picked up another Blue/Silver 88’FF from Wakefield college.They had it for 10 yrs as a bike mechanics course bike.All there apart from top fairing and i paid £350 for it.Dont know whether to restore or just use it for parts at the moment.I just couldn’t say no.

Got any pictures…

Hey, when you said you were trying to reduce the stable did you mean the amount of empty space inside it!![:D][8D]

You know you are a VF addict when you just can,t say NO
You need help but where can you Go?[}:)]

come to my house and work on my f2 it will soon put you of em[:(!]

I was trying to sell a few and just keep a couple of riders and not so many projects but i could not resist.I need help real bad.I dont have any time to ride what i have but cant help getting more.Bit of luck i have a factory and a double garage that i can fill.The harley i bought cost a bit and i really need to re coup some of the money but i will just have to work harder and earn more.Every time i see a VF for sale i think it only needs this or that,wont take much to do but we all know how much work has to go into them to do anything at all.

dont suppose you got a spare starter motor lying about [:p]

Probably,i will have a rummage and see what i have.

beer tokens are waiting for you matey[;)]

oh dear i dont need a starter now i need the bit that fits to it,eeeeeeerrr the engine

I think I saw this one about three years ago in the old Whitwood college and Robbie who run the course at that time said it was up for sale then, I’m sure I posted it on here once upon a time…

Too good for breaking up so going to complete it and use it as it was designed for,out on the open summer time roads.[:)]