anti dive

hi all

do all models of the vf1000 have adjustable anti dive? i presumed that the previous owner had just sheered off the adjuster and have ordered a new one but now that i have stripped the forks there is an extra piece in them than in any of the parts diagrams i have. the rear of the fork leg is the same with the bracket for the brake calipper and the plunger for the anti dive. i dont want to damage these forks by trying to fit an adjuster if they dont have one. i will try to get the extra piece out and take a pic of it.



now that i have looked a bit closer at this piece and have examined my spare forks it would appear it is the oil lock and is different from the one in my spare set. on the spare set with the forks seperated you can see the anti dive adjuster through the hole in the back of the forks and the oil lock appears to be part of the fork. on this set the oil lock blocks off the adjuster so it cant be seen and can be removed. i am going to try and get the adjuster retaining screw out and remove the adjuster to fit the new parts and hopefuly i may get better suspension as it bottoms out every time i brake at the moment as if the anti dive is not working.