Any Interest In Dale Walker Making Vf1000R Header Again?

A couple of us on the yahoo VF1000R forum have been discussing the possibilty and myself and a couple others have emailed Dale Walker over at Holeshot Performance. They made one of the 4-1 header systems back in the 1980`s for our bikes.

He needs a stock bike close to him for measurements, etc.

One of the guys on that email list (Mark) is within 80 miles of Dale and has offered his bike and his Hindle 4-1 header with SSR silencer and also his stock VF1000R exhaust system for this purpose.

Then there is the issue of if is it cost effective. Dale doesnt know at this point if he can make it cost effective so there is a real possibilty that this will never happen. I think we have all seen over the years ideas like this where a possibility exists to make something for our bikes but we need folks to commit...and then it never happens because there just isnt the interest or cash flow to make it happen.

Just throwing this out there. May not even make it off the ground.

What do you all think?

Well that died a lonely death…

It would be great to see a 4 into 1 exhaust for the Interceptor. I think the cost would be the main factor for most. In this day and age I see the cost close to $700-900 US dollars for a custom exhaust system.

A guy is building some in Alasce, on the German border, for around 700€ either 4 in one or 4 in two guise…