Anyone fit VF1000R fairings on VF1000F?

Hey guys, has anyone on here fit R fairings/tank/seat on an F?

Is it too hard, they can’t be too much different!!??cheers

Haven’t a clue, to be honest. My bike as the mudguard/undertray from an R fitted to allow it to have R rear lights, but they are inside the FF tail.

Not much help to you, I’d buy popcorn and watch you have a crack at it :slight_smile:

Thanks ascalon … salted or caramel?
Sod it … I’m going for it :flushed::see_no_evil:

Hi nic, the R frame has two extra lugs welded onto the frame to attach the fairing subframe to. If you add these to the F frame then it should not be too difficult to do though to make it look like an R you would need clocks, inner fairing and fuse box and also top yoke as the fuse box bolts to the front of the yolk. Ive just restored my R and these Parts can be expensive, I have some spares but not many for the R, bif may be able to help out.


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Thanks Gary, exactly the information I was looking for.

I wonder about the tank and seat though, would they match up to the F frame do you think?

Also I’m guessing I’d need to put clips ons for the bars to clear the fairing.

I’ve sourced a whole load of R parts, bodywork, tank, including a frame all but no engine. Might even be easier to use the R frame and transplant the F engine, guess I’ll decide when I have the parts in my shed, these are the best decisions in life!

Salted, of course. I’m not an metrosexual.

Now, get cracking!

And remember, POIDH!

I would go with the F engine in the R frame,then all the fittings are in place for the fairing bracket.The engine will drop right in
Regards Bif

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Some bolts cannot bei used and shifting ist Reverse. Maybe it was due to Building year and later F engines have the same bolts …


But it will run.I made the other way round and replaced the F engine with R type to make it original.

It looks like an FE motor in your RF/G frame,there extra mounting points on the 85 on models.
No problem with the gearchange if you are using rearsets,just flip the lower joint to the top to change to normal selection
Regards Bif

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Thanks bif I think that’s the way I’ll go