Anyone looking for a complete fairing 1986 VF1000R

I have a complete fairing upper and lower for sale some minor damage easily repaired.
I have a LOT of other spares too. I can send lots of pics.

Gooday Vincent,
whereabouts are you? Due to the fairing parts size freight coasts may be an issue for some of us?

US or EU version?

Faxe it’s interesting, there are so many scammers out there now, and they seem to know we all lust after R parts!
Whenever you want to to know a locality there is silence?
I’m more than happy if Vincent proves me wrong, and actually has parts of his own, and not just pics of other peoples parts…

Easy speedy, Vincent has been a member since 2009. Know what you mean about spammers but don’t go getting into trouble by jumping too early. :+1:

Thanks @Jovimill, and sorry @Vincent_F_Fertig_Jr
Haven’t meant to offend anyone, I’ve just got jumpy after nearly being done by scammers on other online sites, on a few occasions. Typically they vanish when you ask for a location.
I`ll give Vincent a courtesy email now to apologise, and also still interested in his location?