anyone out there

is it me or has this owners site gone dead. i posted some parts for sale priced really reasonably, parts that it took me 2/3 years to come by especially the radiator and fans. any comments or am i the only one looking at this site

Technical stuff normally gets a good response but things go quiet when having to spend money comes into it.

hi jingles, yes theres still a few people looking in, ive noticed that parts on ebay dont seem to be selling very well either, maybe not many people have projects on the go at the moment,

Hi both im still here got no projects at mo and not buying parts unless dead cheap still got both bol d ors and both running well did finaly get dvd of 85 TT but shots of Geoff Johnson very short as are clips of Joey on NS400 of which i have one also
Tried to sell Neta cans not rusty or dented but had no takers so i think site is not that busy at moment.[8)]

I have my Bol D’or in no-parts-needed-shape, and hope it stays that way long time :). I could buy cheap aftermarket silencers to keep originals in good shape.

It’s you.