Applying decals to painted panels and tank, then...clear?

Gooday VF brains trust,
I have painted tank and panels, and decals ready to go. Looking at my originals, it looks like a coat of clear over the top?
I bought a mostly restored bike in bits, so not sure of type of paint, was painted about 2005, so its quite dry and hard now!!!
Anyway, Im assuming that I apply the decals then a coat of clear, any expert recommendations- Im in Oztraya so some Brit paints may not be available.
Im not much of a painter, Im considering getting a tradesman apply the decals and finish the clear. The painted parts have a very high quality finish, I don`t want to stuff great paint up with my dribbly runs if it is too difficult?

I`d appreciate any advice

Hi yes you are correct enough sure the paint is thoroughly clean use panel wipe or soapy water, then thoroughly dry the parts, use a good apply the decals and wear latex gloves as the grease from your fingers can cause reactions then apply the 2k laqueur, mixed to the correct ratio with activator, and I add about 10% thinners to aid putting it on, use a good hvlp gun and ensure it as a water filter fitted and a pressure gauge, I use a 1.4 needle in the gun and apply about 3 to 4 coats which will give it a good shine leave for about 24 hours and buff with fine cutting compound, failing that get a professional to do it, the main thing is to remember mixing correctly and not putting it on to heavy I normally leave about 30 minutes between coats depending on temperature, probably alot warmer where you are