Ausie riders, do you know NSW rego plate VF998?

Gooday All,
I just sorted out a basket case, (aIMG_20571
actually lots of large fish boxes), 1984 1000. There was all sorts of interesting stuff thrown in, including R wheels, and footpegs, and I think mirrors. There was also a toolkitIMG_20531 s-l2251 IMG_20461
I’m intrigued by the old numberplate, see pic, New South Wales number VF-998. I’ve seen this plate before somewhere, I have a vague memory of it being on a road test VF back in the day, can anyone confirm?
Another Q is: is the toolkit in the pic for a 1000R, I`m assuming must have a totally different axle set up- I know the fornt of the R is QD type. Are the mirrors R model also?

None of the tools are 1000R tools. The R tools were more expensive and better finished than standard honda tools.
If I get a chance I will post a photo of an R toolkit.

Thanks thx113 !