Australia-Sydney Canberra VF ride EOI?

a couple of us Syd- ACT members a while back thought a ride would be a good idea.
My bike is now going after a long slow rebuild, hoping to get it through NSW Historic (new type) rego asap.
People lead such busy lives, thought I’d see who was interested in a ride sometime?
I know TonyOR,Insignis,DonR may be interested, so who, when and where?

I’m up in Queanbeyan. Have 3 x VF1000F2’s. I also do the VJMC rego inspections up here etc. Happy to help getting you registered etc.

Gooday Hoges,
thanks for making contact.
VJMC, just joined, waiting for my info pack to arrive. Ideally Id like to Historic rego in NSW at a friends address, but I live in ACT, and have ACT licence, so do not know if this is possible? 3 x VFs, I was going to say thats excessive, but realised I think Ive just bought 1/2 share in another one, bringing my count up to 2.25. The one Ive just got going has been a long gradual rolling chassis rebuild, with a bit of a cosmetic tidy up. I had bought a similar 85 silver and blue bike in bits from Jindabyne, it had repainted bodywork, and lots of new parts, and disks etc near new. I incorporated the best bits onto mine and got SuspensionSmith to fit emulators to the forks. I had totally rebuilt the motor a few years ago.
So far have only put a few Ks around my suburb sorting things out, but it`s starting and running really well. Just need to bleed air from front brakes, and finish a few little bits and should be ready to go for blue pink slips, whatever.
Would you have time to discuss rego if I call? Greg 0428 298 994

It seems Canberra/Qbn is the epicentre of VFs! I’m just south of Qbn (Burra) and my Bol D’or is ready for a ride, so just name the day.

The NSW registration scheme is brilliant, it would be great if the long suffering ACT riders could access something similar (worth a petition to the Legislative Assembly).

Hi insignis,
I like that- epicentre! Yes seeing we have a motoring enthusiast - Mick Gentleman in Govt. would seem to be the right time to push for a similar scheme to NSW, I think he may even be a VJMC member- know he recently sold a BSA m20, and bought a CL350 Honda.
Will keep in touch re ride day, first rego, then the fun begins. forum member Hoges has 3 F2s are the F2s and Bols the same beast?

The F2 and the Bol D’or are one and the same! Yes, Mick is a current member of the VVCMCC (Vintage, Veteran, and Classic Motorcycle Club of Canberra)

Woohoo, thanks to Hoges the old VF is now back on the road after a long rebirthing process!!!Thanks Hoges for your help with the registration paperwork.
Had a short ride down to Michelago yesterday arvo, bike pulled like a train, all good except for front brake very spongy> re bled when back home, tried cable tie trick overnight- which seemed to work. Will try another shakedown ride this weekend with a mate, then will be ready to meet a few VF riders from Sydney/ACT area. I`ll be away 11/10-30/10, but up for a get together November, any suggestions?

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Great result, another VF resurrected for duty! You rode to Michelago? That’s almost my home patch. I’m out at Burra. November sounds perfect for a group ride. If our Sydney friends join we have options (taking back roads of course): south coast (eg Berry), southern highlands (eg Bundanoon), Oberon.

Gooday Insignis and other Oz VFers,
thought I`d update my progress with bike prior to our proposed ride next month.
Got the bike back on the road with the excellent NSW Historic rego, (thanks Hoges for your help!).
A few teething problems after the first few rides:

  1. Front brake did not want to hold pressure after bleeding up- went back to another M/cyl for a slight improvement, but still only passable performance.
  2. my low mounted oil cooler- just in front of front head, ate the bottom edge of the front mudguard as it ground away between the tyre and oil cooler during fork compression- I`ve just angled it backwards slightly hoping it will clear now…
  3. I fitted a Laser 4 into 1 exhaust, great looking and a nice deep but reasonably quiet tone, but this created a new problem; the centrestand now “ocillated” slightly. Initially I thought it was just because the stand just sat up much higher without the stand stopping against the LHS muffler. I cable tied it in place as a stopgap, but had time to frig around with it this arvo and found 2 problems causing the “oscillation” effect. First problem was I had installed the bolt on the alloy linkage wrong way round and the nut and threaded end of the bolt was long enough to hit on the stand as it extended. I bodged this and ground off the end of the threaded end of the bolt, and some of the stand reinforcing. I just couldn’t be stoofed dismantling the linkage and reversing the bolt. The other problem was the stand was now being pulled up too high without the muffler to act as a stop, and this brought it too close to the linkage. I looked at all sorts of all solutions such as welding on a bolt as an adjustable stop- (professional!), to cable tying a block of four ply to act as a stop, (bodgy ghetto racing solution!) I compromised half way, MIG welded a 1/2 inch Whitworth nut onto the stand to stop it going all the way up, and keeping it clear of the chain, and a bit lower away from the linkage- successfully test ridden this arvo, woohoo!!!
    Test ride showed up another issue- speedo- see separate In the Shed post- but I`m getting there…
    Does anyone want to start suggesting possible ride routes or dates?
    PS dunno why my font changes during posts, any ideas?

Font changed cos you used a different apostrophe character, which was rendered as a formatting command by the forum software. The normal apostrophe character is this one ‘

go figure

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Apostrophe test whats my font look like now?’

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So font changed again-let’s see if this does it- woohoo negative, shows how little I know about keyboards- the real apostrophe lives below the inverted commas!