Auto Chain Olier?

Anyone play with an “Automatic” Chain Oiler?

Seems to help a little, but installed late in the season, in cooler weather.
Don’t seem to get much OOG in the condenser bottle, so I must be burning it.
The small black hose is actually a vacuum hose with a small ID so shouldn’t get much dirt going back in.
I figured since I burn about 300ml oil/1000km I might as well try to get some back.

Hi, Although I have never fitted one myself, I have bought a bike in the past fitted with a “Scottoiler”. Actually I mixed opinions about them to be honest! Ok , so chain lube is very important and having something that does it for you should be good , but I also think that a regular visual inspection of the chain and sprockets is important too !? I can’t help thinking that if you have an auto lube system that it is all to easy to forget about the visiual inspections!? Given that there are some great products available now that offer virtually zero “flingoff” properties and that our older motorcycles are not normally used as everyday rides, then perhaps it is best not to have an auto lube system!!??