aux petrol pump and tap

Hi guys and girls I collected my first VF1000re last week saw it liked it bought it .It has an auxiliary petrol tap fitted on the opposite under side of the tank from the original tank tap and runs into an added on auxiliary petrol pump. The previous owner explained the set up to me and said that the original petrol pump/tap was not to reliable and could leak along with the original pump being un reliable is this true?. The set up does not look that pretty but seems to work I would like to change it back to standard .HAs anyone else used this type of modification?

Hi there the original pumps did suffer from failure on 2 fronts the most common one being the fuel pump relay and the other being the pump, if it was leaking fuel do you know where it was leaking from as this is not normally a issue they suffer from and the tank fuel tap does not usually play up and if they do the electric pump should stop fuel entering the carbs I would put the original fuel system back into use and see what problems you have as it should only pump fuel once you turn the engine over, hope this helps