Back on the road... again!

After my prang last year, she’s finally sorted again, and with an entirely new charging system and AGM battery.
I got a early repro decal kit and, well, it’s not original but I like the results - Interceptor is right up there with Katana and Fireblade as the coolest names in biking, so there :slight_smile:

I’m happy with it.


She looks very well Mate,I would like a look at her in the flesh.
I have family just south of the border at Dunganon,are you anywhere near?
Regards Bif

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Hey Bif,
thanks for that.
You’d be more than welcome.
I’m just on the western edge of Dublin, Blanchardstown direction. But if you were out for a spin I could head in your direction for a meet.

Let me know when you are about.


That looks great. It’s a bit like a mash up of a FE and a FF with that paint scheme.

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Whoa! Nice job. Where did you get the seat cowl? I like it. What tail light does it have?

The seat cowl is a custom made piece that was on it when I got it from a guy in Germania. I’ve just had it repainted as there was a bit of custom, eh… artwork there that was not to my taste.

The rear mudguard and light unit are from a 1000R with a custom aluminium plat made up to locate them. It does neaten up the back of it quite a bit.

Nice. I’m just about to embark on a project myself. I have 2 complete FF’s and an R without an engine, in parts. Trying to decide whether to build the R and find an engine or put all the R parts onto one of the FF’s. Either way it’s going to be a pleasure to build.

Very nice, that sounds like a good dilemma.
However, I understand that there’s some combination of R engine and F frame that doesn’t work, but I’m sure someone more knowledgeable will be along in a minute to help you there.

I took mine on a shakedown today, where I drove around in heavy traffic for a while letting the new Mitsubishi fan switch kick the fan in and out, but earlier and later than OEM. It worked a treat.

Also, after a good heat soak, the battery voltage was a health 13v + with the key off, and when ticking over with the lights and fan on was still 13.5v, which is great. I’m very happy.

I even managed to use a seal tickler on the front left fork seal that was starting to weep a bit and it’s now good.

After a 100% reliable week of commuting, I did some reorganisation between bikes, and I now have a lithium ion battery in the VF.

Just less than 1kg, as opposed to more than 4 for a lead acid battery.

Higher cold cranking amps than spec battery, and a better discharge profile, but it cranks it just fine.

I’ll keep an eye on it in terms of charge levels, as it had a new stator and reg/rec, it should be good.


Minor update.
Had a good run out recently, where a work meeting meant a 250km round trip after getting to the office. And all was good.
Have been keeping a close eye on the battery voltages too, just to be on the safe side and the LiPo seems to be holding up very well. It usually finishes the day showing 13.5v, and the same cold the next morning.

I’m no sparks, but that seems to be well within the healthy range,


Well, I thought I had a return of the dreaded charging issues on the FF, as the other morning, I pressed the starter button to get nothing but a small clunk.

I immediately thought it was a dead battery, but the handy button tester on the top of the X-Racer lithium battery gave me three lights to say all was well. Bugger.

A bit of messing about and a tap here and there got it started and the culprit proved to be a sticky starter relay.

I had purchased the David Silvers upgrade a while back but when I had issues with the neutral light, I had taken it out again.

Five minutes to swap it out, and a cable tie to hold in the new one and the battleship VF sails again! Plus, I now have the benefit of the main fuse being a modern blade type, not that oddball OEM one.

Happy days.