back on the road

Been out today for the first run of the season on the 1000ff.Its a lovely bike to ride and i was very impressed.For a bike that feels so top heavy when pushing it about when out on the road it is completely different.Very neutral steering and very sure footed so i cant see what people say about dodgy road holding.I do only ride at normal speeds so it suits my riding style.The front brakes did seem quite poor compared to modern systems and needed a big handful of lever to pull up.( my CBR1000F only needs two fingers with the combined brakes system).The VF was very comfortable and the top fairing was much better than i thought it would be at keeping the wind at bay even if i sat bolt upright.I cant see how these bikes never took off in the 80’s as it was a joy to ride.

It was the 750’s cams that did for em mate! Death by association! I had a 1000FF in 86 and covered 70,000miles on her. I did it all on that bike, toured, worked, tracked everything. Only ended after an argument with a car that wrote her (and the car)off!! Now restoring the early FE(the first 1000 model)and looking forward to that V4 burble again!!