Baffle plates in sump

I’ve just taken the sump off an F engine and noticed it has baffle plates in the sump, my RE has non fitted but when I look on cmsnl it shows the RE does have them and it’s the RF that doesn’t even though the RG does. Excuse the pun but its baffling! Should I fit sump with them or the one without? And what is their purpose.

Although the schematics show the baffles,you will notice the part numbers for them are not listed for the RE.
The RF does have them as do the FF and F2F
What their use is I don’t know only that they are there

The sump with the baffles is in better condition so will use that one, the one that was on the bike has a broken fin on the bottom were someone has jacked the bike up.

As far as I know the baffles were to stop the oil moving about under acceleration, braking and cornering, I would fit the sump with baffles if that’s in better condition :+1: