Hello people, new here, got me a VF1000F, from eBay for AU$1000. i thought it was a bargain. does anybody else think this. :slight_smile:

1000 AUS$ is not a big sum but this one looks quite shabby even for that price…

Hi Chris.
Welcome to the forum…It’s hard to say wether it’s a bargain or not… It all depends on what vf1000’s sell for in australia… cosmetically it looks like it has quite a lot of potentially expensive pieces missing or damaged… if the engine runs well cosmetics can be sorted…
It all depends on what you look for in your biking… I get more enjoyment from rebuilding old knackered vf’s than buying one that’s ready for the road… financially, I probably spend twice as much rebuilding a bike than if I just went out and bought one…

for 517.42 British Pound where can you get superbike performance with this amount of money .
the first time you open it up on a straight your brain will go woooosh spreading tickets a plenty

I started with a lot less and its rebuilding gave me hope to finish it
now I am just putting it on the road again it stays in the shed for winter as i have a works van too

the fun has just started money never came into it for me

you will learn loads and people will envy you