Battery choices

Can’t find the thread on batteries but I purchased a unibatt agm battery at the Newark show in January.I fitted it on Saturday to a project bike and I truthfully have never heard a VF spin over at that rate.Its not a new starter and the previous motobatt was only two years old and not holding its charge.
Regards Bif

I’m am using a homemade starter battery. I think before it get empty the starter motor will get hot.

In my company we build equipment with build in backup battery. I could rescue some LiFePo cell before they will be thrown away. I have 4 in a row so they won’t be overcharged at 15.6V and some packs in parallel. Everything is in a plastic housing and I made the contacts from brass.

Meant to ask,do you own a brewery?

No unfortunally, I don’t. The nick comes from a cartoon series with “Wickie und die starken Männer”. They are also Wikings.

My Passport name is Axel.

With a little help from my friends here in Diez we worked the Wickie link out.The beer was a bonus today when we finished the work on Pete’s bike.I fly back to Scotland tomorrow after a fantastic couple of days in Germany.Next time perhaps we can arrange a meet up at the Nurburgring or somewhere else convenient.
Best regards Bif