Hi guys I’m looking to pick up a new, for me, VF at end of the month, will need a new battery on it and I have checked out fleabay and Wemoto, strangely although the battery numebrs are the same wemoto show the positive terminal on the right as you look at battery, the ebay ones show the positive terminal on the left. Which one is correct? Cheers Wayne

hi wdavie,
on the vf1000 fe (1984) the positive terminal is on the left as you look at it, not sure if there were any differences on later models. hope this helps, good luck with the vf.


Cheers Pete will get some pics up when I get it,might even be able to get to the gathering of the clans in June if bike is on road by then.

Got my Yuasa original from Panks in Norwich last year cost £54.00 and they upgraded it to a larger amp hour capacity for free

get original if available[:)]

these people supply very cheap batteries and I think if you buy two or more you get free post.