Bearings in Rod, cush.Conn. 52460-MB6-000


I´m restoring a VF1000F 1984 and have come to the rear shock linkage and it´s lower part. There is a part called Rod, cush Conn. It has bearings, two needle as I can see. Do anyone know if they can be replaced? There are no information about them if you look at CMSNL site. Honda dealer have no informatione either.

I have also had trouble to find a bush damper with number 52485MA-2003. Anyone here that knows anything about this?

Thank you!

hi bo c,
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i replaced these linkage bearings earlier this year on my Fe, 15x22x25 part number HMK 1525 Simply Bearings have them listed at about £12 each, From memory i think the oil seals were 15x22x5 and were also available from simply bearings

Bearings are identical to the 750 and 500 models and are available as Pete has said,the oil seals are a touch bigger tho,at 15/25/5.
I am working on a source for the bush which is again common to all the VFs as well as a bunch of other 80’s Hondas.
It’s strange they are unavailable when so many bikes use them,guess they were not a fast selling item.
I will let you know what I find
Regards Bif


Thank you for your replies. I´ll investigate this further. On Monday my frame will be painted in original color. I´m looking forward to see the result.

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Bo C.

Everything I can find available commercially that is the correct diameter internally and externally is too short to replace 52485-MA2-003 but are showing stock of this item.
I have been talking to V4freddie tonight,he has done some great research and found this supplier of NOS parts which he has used for the harder to find parts on his VF.
Regards Bif