Best offer

Hi all, I hope I don’t sound unreasonable, but I need to ask a question of our forum Administrators.
Could it be made a sticky or rule for all for sale ads for motorcycles to list a location (in the title would be great but even in the listing would be ok) and an expectation of price?

“Best offer” on a motorcycle is just garbage, NO seller lists their bike without knowing what they want for it with the exception of widows, and I have never in over 40 years of buying and selling, known of a buyer to offer more than what the seller secretly wants. If you want an auction, use one of the many auction services.

I can’t help but think that if you are not prepared to nominate what your expectation is, don’t list it if you are that embarrassed about the ask price.

Location is also a very relevant piece of information as most of us are aware, a bike for sale in London is of almost zero interest to those on different continents like the USA or Australia, just as a bike in Sydney or L.A. is of no interest to our pommy mates.
Rant over…for today!