bif are you there

Bif are you there,i am after a bit of tech info on fork mods
for the vf1000fe if possible[:p]

Having some comms issues but will do what I can.What do you need John

Hello bif
Sorry to cause a panic i read in one of your previous post
your upgrade for the vf1000fe forks nc30 sliders/ slr/xr/xl stanchions
i have a pair of nc30 sliders,plus slr/xr/xl stanchions do i use the internals of the nc or the s/x/rl plus the spacers for the cbr600 wheel
Do you have any pics of your race bikes and what meeting in the uk do you race at as me and a few friends would like to come and support you

John I am using the nc internals from memory only had to change the seal on the damper rods for the slr items.As for springs I used VF1000R and longer spacers on the top.These need to be adjusted to suit your weight to get the static sag right.Im sticking with 10wt fork oil with an oil height of 200mm with spring removed.Regards BIF
ps I don’t race but I am building my R with the goal of riding it round the Nurburgring

Cheers bif, just wondering if the disc you are using are the cbr 1000f disc or fireblade disc are you keeping the speedo drive of the r or going electronic sorry to be a nosey bugger [;)]