Big end bearings and crank shaft bearings

Hi everybody

Just a quick 1 how do u check these bearings I’ve now stripped my engine and visually can’t see anything wrong so if anybody has any pictures of offending items so I can compare them to mine and is their a particular bearings that fail

Cheers Rod

The manual outlines the method for checking the bearings,Plastigauge is recommended for the job

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Vote 2 for Plastigauge. My experience with 3 seperate rebuilds is that if the bearings check out ok visually- even wear, no pitting, and no copper showing- then generally the Plastigauge will confirm that they are within wear limits as per the manual. I’ve also found that the bearings seem to be on the tight end of the scale from new. Don’t paint your crankcases without photographing the set of letters that you should find at the rear end. These are the bearing grades for those cases- the manual, and this forum will give more info.

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Thats right the only way is with Plastigauge.

I’ve never rebuilt a VF engine, but from my experience rebuilding aero piston engines, plastigauge is the way to go.