bigger swing arm

Hi guys, newbie to this site but not vf 1000, I had one in 1992 and loved it.
I have now decided to buy one as a project and get it back to a nice bit of kit, however I would like a couple of mods but will start with the back wheel, does anyone have any knowledge of someone putting a bigger swing arm on to take a wheel/ tyre size of say an 80, I have a zzr1200 with a 80 tyre on it and would like to do the same on the honda just to beef up the back end, some might be against this but I would like to do it so help in this quest would be very welcome, thanks guys, glad to own a vf 1000 again ,its like having an old friend back again.

Ha ha, meant to put 180 as the wheel size, but it seems I might be talking to my self anyway. Are there any vf’s left?

Hi, Welcome aboard, Yep still plenty of VF’s here!

Check out Jamie Daugherty’s website, he has some info on changing wheels as well as parts for sale for the job.


i am in the process of fitting a single sided swing arm from a 1994 vfr750 into my vf1000, you can put a 180 tyre in and a much better shock with this set up but it is quite a big job to undertake you need access to a lathe and be reasonably mechanically inclined! as planty said jamie daugherty does a cbr600 wheel conversion that keeps original swing arm and only needs the rear brake torque arm replacing and the swing arm drilled to take new torque arm assembly. i can give you all the details for the vfr swing arm if you want to go that way.


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Hi guys, thanks for the welcome, I have a zzr1200 and a vzr 1800 intruder but this vf thing has got my enthusiasm back, glad to see the old torque monster still has a good following.

I would be very interested to look at going for the vfr swing arm or the cbr way so if you could post details of them I would be very grateful.
I am also looking at putting it as close to the American style intercepter as I can so I am hunting for a seat hump/cowl too, also want to paint it white /blue with red .

just got back from hols so I am sorry about delay.

cheers guys. Nigel

hi nigel

to fit a vfr swingarm you need to remove the original swingarm mounting bracket on the right hand side and drill the hole that the old spindle went through to 20mm, then you need to drill a 18mm hole in the left hand spindle this allows you to use the vrf spindle, the new spindle needs turning down to 18mm for about 30mm after the thread so it will go through the old spindle, you could drill old spindle to 20mm if you dont want to turn the new one down but i thought that the wall would be too thin and since it is used for the pre-load on the swingarm bearings i wanted more strength in it. then buy yourself a vfr750 swingarm complete with shock wheel brake and spindle. to centralise new swingarm you need to make two spacers with a 20mm hole, i dont know how wide they need to be yet as this is as far as i have got so far, the last and by no means least thing you need to do is make a new bracket to attach the shock linkage to the frame. when i have completed the last two parts i will give you the dimensions, the spacer welded to the left side of the frame may also need to be ground off to centralise swingarm but wont know that till later. when done it should look fantastic! look at the latest post in the gallery section to see how good it can look. this bike and another from the american vf forum are my inspiration, they both look better than any modern bike!! but with more class and cheaper insurance.

hope this helps, i can help with the drilling of the old spindle and turning down the new spindle. where in the uk are you?



here is a link to a complete rear end on ebay:


G’day garyb

Just read your bit on fitting a vfr swing arm to the old thou sounds cool and I’m all for running a big fat tyre on the back ,but how do you keep the rear wheel centre the same as the front ,apart from moving the front sprocket out 5 maybe 10 mm with a fair bit of engineering (then the chain will be very close to the frame if not hitting)and if you run a larger tyre (any greater than 160) the chain will hit the tyre .


hi bluey

the front sprocket has to be stepped out and its casing machined but you can fit a 180 tyre in with the wheel central in the frame and the chain not hitting frame, i think you may have to fit a longer clutch push rod and the slave cylinder needs to have a spacer fitted, there is a great thread on the american vf forum that explains most of what is required, when i get in from work i will post a link to the thread if that is ok with the forum moderators as some forums do not like you to post links to other forums.


here is the link to the american thread, it covers the entire upgrade of the bike but at the moment i am concentrating on the swingarm: he builds the best looking bike i have seen for a very long time!!


in an earlier post i said you would need two spacers to centralise swingarm but only the one is required: 26mm outside diameter 20mm inside and 4mm deep, this puts the wheel dead central and is put into the right side of swingarm, the gap on the left side of frame is taken up by the old swingarm bolt. have now got swingarm in my spare frame, centralised and the correct pre load applied to bearing, now for shock linkage!