bike is not revving out

hi guys well as you now i had some carby problems because when i got my bike the carby’s where fully dismantled in a box but that sorted now fully assembled and mounted but now when i start the bike that’s alright but when i take it for a test run she is a bit sluggish could it be that my mixture is not set properly if not are there mixture screws on the carby’s and how to do it and the other thing is those bloody springs on the throttle control between the carby’s is ther any way around those springs can you use something else thanks

hi stan

is the bike standard? does it have a 4 into 1 or a k&n filter. there is very little you can adjust on these carbs, the needles are set but you can raise them by adding small washers to the needle below the fixed clip, the only other adjustment is idle mixture screw and as the name implies it only works at idle. if the bike is not standard you can fit a dynojet kit which has its own needles that are adjustable. i have a 4 into 1 a k&n filter and the dynojet kit! if the bike is standard it should work fine and the problem must be something else wrong with the carbs, look for air leaks in the inlet manifold rubbers and also the cv Diaphragms with both these faults the bike will start ok but run poorly when ridden. i am not sure about the springs between the two pairs of carbs, mine have both fitted. the other springs on the balance adjusters are very important! when you have checked the carbs for air leaks balance them using a good quality set of gauges if you have any, if not borrow some. i use davida gauges and these work superbly. good luck.