bike now runs sweet after radiators recoring and oil change and filter

she starts with no choke
she idles
she goes like the wind
and handles great
since the valve clearences check and gapped the plugs
her carbs are smooth as silk

will ride her a few more times this year
and will put her Yuasa battery on a new gunson battery conditioner
and trickle charge it over winter £35.00
ebay number over 50% off 361385970521

2 weeks ago the battery let me down but i desulfered it with a gaget
took 2 days to work its magic, pulses a 10k tone to shake the sulfer off the plates
that cost me £15.99 from china and it recovered the battery from 12.5v to now 13.5v
dont throw away your old lead acid batterys guys
Battery Desulfator Desulphator Auto Pulse 12V to 48V Batteries
( 151539119014 )

Will be putting her to bed soon but there might be more sunny days ;D

so I desided today it was too fn cold so I made some room in the garage
Back in the stable , battery off and on charge with my new gunson battery conditioner