Im sure you all know about the motorbike show next weekend (27th [font=Century Gothic]to the 5th) well ive purchased tickets and 2 of my friends are not gonna be able to make it[:(].

I have 3 tickets available and im lettting you guys have first dibs on them, first come first you know...........

£12.00 each with £1 delivery there also on ebay at £15.00 with £2 delivery.

this is not a money maker its just to get to know vf owners as ive never met anyone like you before[:D].

Ill be going on the first day(saturday) with my son so i can either meet you there, or post them or even meet and ride up with you, thats if i get my carbs sorted, if not its the train for me lol.

Thanks everyone.[:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]

£10 now guys, with free delivery, i just dont want them to go to waist.