Black & Silver ! (down south)

Hi all ! I really have not go a clue how these things happen but e- bay and a moment of weakness obtained me this

Seems all pretty good for a bike that last turned a wheel for years.

Some problems

[:D][:D] Tank is rusty inside, petrol a little low on the octane rating[8)] etc etc .

Good points !!! everthing else [;)]Pipes all ok and just needs love and Autosol.
Im looking to use this bike as a day to day run about, full restoration not practical as it I have not the time or the inclination to spend endless hours on what in my own opinion [?] a less than average bike [:o)]

Unless of course you know better [B)]

I’m a recent convert to VF1fe 's , like you I bought mine as a runabout and for my pillions comfort ( I’ve got a ZX7R )but I’m now in love !!! In fact the ZX might come off the road next summer and go racing because I just really enjoy riding this big old Honda.
She’s well built , cams aside,economical, extremely long legged and comfortable and I love the V4 rumble.
I don’t know what else you ride but be prepared to have your eyes opened to 80’s heavy metal.

VF1000FE & ZX7R

Welcome to the forum, looks like you bagged a bargain! Less than average? no way - how can a 22 year old bike, that -

hasn’t turned a wheel in 11 years and still looks great and runs;
cost you 500 quid;
can do 140+;
costs less than £100 to insure;
is one of only about 100 in the country (in black and silver maybe only a handful around??)

be less than average!

If you bagged her up and put her in your garage for another 11 years you would definitely get an above average return on your investment which isnae bad.

Hi again, today is the day. Spanners ready , hammers in position, I will post next week on progress
She has been sat on my driveway for a week ,not my fault as days off are very rare at the present [xx(].

PAJ - shes not a runnner, far from it [:(]Im not bothered about profit etc, I just buy old bikes and get them up and running.
I think its a form of therapy, I dont really watch the box (thats the wifes domain [:(!] I havent got any social life at present due to working away from home etc, so it will give me a goal to get it running and pretty before the end of the summer

kfrogzx7 - its pretty funny that you are doing what I have done in reverse [:D] I have had soooooooooooooo many bikes over the years but yes I would love something to have as a keeper…

I have been racing bikes in the uk (including endurance events on a 7 r(now retired) for years so I want to use it to take me race meetings (home and Europe).

I have owned a couple of cbx 1000s, Gpz 1000 a1, etc many yeas ago but road riding lost my interest when I started racing.

I have a Honda xl250 rvfc as a green laner and a Suzuki RF 600 (still on the bench with a blown motor, its truly a horrible bike [:D] )

Ok , the batterys out , the tanks off, plugs are out, its time to fill the bores and head with a little oil before gently turing the engine over .
Heads off will be next on the list, if the cams etc are worn , she may be another vf heading for the breakers [?]
Only joking [:o)][:o)]

I’d be really interested to hear about your ZX7 endurance racing since that is exactly what I’m planning for next year !!!
Any tips advice gratefully recieved !!
I’m looking at KRC series mainly doing the Snett ( and maybe Welsh rounds )rounds – my 7 is already fairly modded.

VF1000FE & ZX7R

Yeh ok frog ! I have ridden for one or two “official” race teams as well as privateer teams, I have ridden with KRC but raced internationally for years (got way to old and fat [:D])

Sadley the old zxr has really had its day if you want to win UNLESS you have buckets of cash or a ex factory bike laying around.

As a fun bike to ride or race it is simply fantastic[:D].

I know you have heard this before but any form of racing is VERY expensive.

EG I did a few races with NG (the best club in the Uk), sprint races, to try and regain a ounce of confidence in my riding.(huge crash 5 years ago messed with the bottle )
Standard r6, 3 races a day @Pembrey
Friday practice, race Saturday/Sunday >Total cost £ £720 (including fuel/tyres/entry etc.

Results show stock r6 can lap at around the 1.03 with a average rider.(I could not get below a 1.05 so it shows how slow ive become [:(])

A VERY NICE 7r got round in exactly the same time, this bike was a ex- factory etc.

Now I know its about endurance
[:)]but trust me [;)]the r6 will be more reliable in stock form than a zxr.Most importantley it will be far cheaper to run long term.

If I had the funds and the ability I would love to do it again, its nice to dream [:(]need to find a rich sponsor ! any offers