Bleed clutch vf1000fe

Clutch bleed problem , bleed nipple is stuck fast , afraid to snap it off , any ideas , vf100fe

after applying releasing fluid try heat then after that brute force and be ready to look on ebay for another one.

Good advice above…or below depending where the post ends up. if it is not showing evidence of cross threading-in that case just look for a new one as you will probably not be able to cure the high pressure leak and that is not a good brake situation…heat the female side hot and then spray something like wart remover (nitrogen freeze) on the male end… effect will be to expand female threads and constrict male side… dont piss around with a wrench, grab your best vice grips and don’t take NO for an answer… do not piss around with brake stuff…your ass depends upon them…

Shouldn’t be a problem with the brakes as it is on the clutch slave cylinder. Undo the banjo bolt first, then apply heat with a hot gun NOT a flame. This should release the bond as the female always expands more than the male. If it does not come out then use your vice grips anyway and be prepared to tap out the thread and/or buy a new nipple and/or a new slave cylinder.