Bleeding frt Calipers

I rebuilt frt Brake Master cylinder and Calipers. Air comes out of bleeders and Fluid. But no pressure on Brake lever .Used standard method.and Syringe procedure too.Maybe I should bleed Master cylinder first.?

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Hi Keith,
You know how you go through life doing the same old thing, the same old way (with the same old problems) then a light comes on… I’d battled with brakes and clutches for years then bought a vacuum bleeding kit off ebay UK. One of those tools you wonder how you managed without for so long. Assuming all of the brake mechanics are OK this may resolve the problem for you, even if there is an underlying problem that this tool won’t fix I’m sure you’ll still think this tool is fab.
ebay uk no 393420043233
Good luck and regards,

You most probably have an air lock in the master cylinder. Try leaving the cover off the master cylinder. Squeeze lever slowly and watch for air bubbles.
The other thing to you do after this is, is bleed the banjo joint on master cylinder.

Ok Thks to all replies . I do have a Vaccum bleeder and will try that .Someone mentioned to loosen Banjo bolts on brake block in the frt ? And push fluid in. I was sidetracked on another Bike for awhile .So I will try this . Have 4 Bikes I am restoring.