Bodged up fairing

Trying to replace the two fairing strips that run below the screen on the Bol D’or with a pair of good ones bought off Ebay. Originals have been broken in half and are held together with black insulation tape. The Great British Bodger has struck again. Of the four screws that hold them on, one is original, one is a self-tapper, one is a wood screw and the other is of a form unknown to man. It appears to be an allen key button head but no Imperial or metric key in my possession fits. Thought it might be Torx, but again nothing fits. Looks like a may have to drill the damn thing out - not so good.

I share your pain, i have to fix mine as finding replacements is almost impossible i find.
Screws should be M4, from memory, so i’d drill the head out with a 4mm drill and get molegrips on the shaft thats left, that usually works quite well i’ve found.
Same method to remove the cheesium screws that hold the master cylinder caps on…