Body work swap f to f2

Hi… does anyone know if VF1000 gen 1 bodywork will fit an F2 ??

Yes it can be done,only minor mods required like a fixing point for the middle of the left hand side panel

Above is a completed example(originally built by the guy in the background)with a few other mods thrown in


Ive got to say, the styling of the fe is just spot on, If i hadn’t got interested in the R’s I’d probably be still riding that, its a great bike, john has done a great job of re building and re commissioning it since it was stood a number of years without use in my garage and had various parts removed for other projects… :+1:t2:

Thanks as ever Bif…thinking of a 'restomod ’ on a tired F2 and leave my F as is

It seems there is a conspiracy against later models of VF1000’s. So here is under represented FF :grin:, note FireBlade caliper conversion (Thanks Bif!)

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Looking(and stopping)good Drew

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