Bofud's bikes in the shed

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These are some of my bikes in the " DOG HOUSE" where the wife sends me when she is upset.

DSCN3371 DSCN3752
That’s the one who must be pleased. She has put the claim on the 400f- no chance in my mind.

This is the one i’m wasting time on right now . It’s a twin brother of one i restored last week.
I’m a very sic person.

that’s an impressive collection of bikes there, I think the 750 turbo looks stunning.

Nice collection there mate. Always love a Z650 and a 400-4.

The z900 Kawasaki was what a very fast motorcycle looked like during my formative years. The orange and brown combination was both different and cool. keeping in mind that I was nine years old and could only compare it to my TS125 Suzuki.


Have a few more i’ve restored in the doghouse.Did’nt want to post all at once. The forum here has so many nice bikes ,very impressive!!
Here is a better photo of the Kawi turbo. This is my most favourite bike to ride. Have another same year ready to restore, other resto’s in the way.

This is the last major restoration we did. I don’t think i would ever do another.

This is my daily rider. Bif says seating on my Bol-d-or is similar, this fits me well.

Restored this a few years back. 1964 CA72.

One of my favourite bikes. Was a daily rider when i worked for a living.

This i found in a barn --a true barn find. Had to restore. A nice little bike!

Inside my shed. Just did an extension. Added 600 sq. feet, now i have room for more.

I’m liking your work and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. :wink:

Thank you ascalon ! We are a visual bunch, at least i am, and like to see photos. As i said before ,the photos of the bikes here are phenomenal - good on these people for keeping these bikes alive and in new like condition.
Forgive my lack of computer knowledge what is " subscribing to a newsletter mean?" how does one go about that? I have many before and after pics that i can share if someone is interested.
For instance i, and 5 other guys are going to a estate sale today. The fellow passed away . I knew him well and dealt with him for many years- he has 2 to 3 hundred bikes . I can take some pics and post if people want ?

Sorry, lame effort at a joke with an obscure Simpsons reference.

What I meant was, I like your style and wish to hear more of your philosophy.

But with pictures, always with pictures! :+1: