Bol d'Or Classic

The V4H80, the french club devoted to the Honda V4 line of the 80’s, will be present at the Bol d’Or Classic on september the 13/14/15 in Magny-Cours.
The traditionnal friday night barbecue will see us feasting with grilled “magrets de canard” and sausages washed down with a few bottles of a great Madiran wine of 2002 vintage and some of Gaillac red 2004.
We’ll of course have a pallet of beer to stand the night and some packs of Coca Zero for the non alcoholics…
You’re welcome if you decide to cross the channel and join us!

sounds like a good weekend fred, think i will be up for this one next year

Thanks for the invitation Fred, I would love to go but I have a wedding to go to that weekend.
Your V4H80 club has several good events a year so maybe you could put your 2014 calender up on this site early in the year so we can put them in the family calender BEFORE the misses gets there !

Thanks again

I wouldn’t mind this next year, its too soon to jump on the bike now, Its only 620 miles, I would probably split the distance with a camping overnight either in Kent or somewhere in France, I don’t fancy doing the full 620 miles (approx 995km) and then try to pitch a tent[xx(]


Phil, you`d be welcome to doss down at my place near Swindon. Its only 75 mins from Portsmouth.


We have some unused tents and even a sleeping berth in a camping car…

We have some unused tents and even a sleeping berth in a camping car…

There’s that echo again!

Just back from the BOC! Nice week end, nice people,great food! Awfull weather,however and,cherry on the cake,an alternator failure on my VF1000F G on the way back!

Hi Fred,
What is the name of the french highway code? I have had a search around on Google but cannot find anything of help on there,
cheers, Phil.

Events for 2014 where the French V4H80 club will be involved:
May 1,2,3 and 4: Annual Rally to be held somewhere near Clermont-Ferrand (not fixed yet)
From may 29 to june the 1st, Coupes Moto Légende at Dijon Prenois
June 14 and 15: Iron bikers at “Carole” near Paris
September 12,13,14: Bol d’Or Classic at Magny Cours

For Philjo: the french highway code is A (+a number, ie :A89 for the Bordeaux -Lyon highway) and an E +number for highways part of European transport scheme… The A89 is refered as “E70” in this case! Very confusing, even for natives, but an obscure guy in Brussels must be proud of himself!

SCOOP! Photographs of the BOC featuring yours truly…

Here they are after a long delay:


From top to bottom:

  1. The V4H80 offical tent
  2. Patrick,fellow member of the Z750 Turbo kwaker Club, heading for the nearest petrol station
  3. One of the R on the track
  4. Early saturday morning view of our corner
  5. The Z750 Turbo club display
  6. A nice Laverda 750S
  7. The V4H80 display: VF1000F II, VF1000F E, VF1000F G,VF1000R on the track, VF750F and VF500F II with me in red shirt 8)
    8 ) Friday afternoon, 4 V4 have arrived: Brice AKA “Bibine”,the bald one on the left (Vf750F), Miguel Aka “Vafana-vafana” 2nd on the left with the grey and red jacket (VF1000F E that he owns from new + a VF1000R,a Kawa 500 H1 and a 500 Gamma Suzuki among others), Pierre-Yves AKA “Pyf” in grey with white hair (VF500F II,VFS750 x2,Yamaha Venture 1200) hiding me here with my VF1000F G proudly displaying 100 000 miles on the clock still with the original cam chains…

More photographs to come…

that looks like an excellent event fred,

It was nice indeed,Pete!François-Marie Martin,famous as a frame maker/team manager,being a member of the V4H80,don’t be surprised of the number of photographs of Martin’s framed bikes!

Some more photographs:

Fred, that was a very bad thing to do - putting all those pictures up like that. I have now got hundreds of little marks on my garage wall, each one representing the number of days left before the event. I scratch one out each day I go in there !
I will try and have my VF500F2 ready by then - although the 1000FF would be a better machine for the trip, it looks like you need one of those for the “line up” ?

Interesting indeed. When the 2015 Bol D’or classic is going to happen ? In Magny-Cours ?

The 2015 Bol d’Or Clasic will be held at Le Castelet/Paul Ricard near Toulon on the mediterranean coast during the 15 september week. Personally,I’m not happy with this change but you’ll be welcome to stay with us and benefit of the advantages the V4 H80 club can offer (reduced entry fee,free tent accommodation,contacts with racing teams,social life…)

Pekka, some of us from the UK are going to Coupes Moto Légende at Dijon Prenois, from May 29 to June the 1st. Are you thinking of going to one of these ?


Now I am at the stage of googlemapping… Next summer is open, probably the wife would more happy when I drive to west instead of former Soviet countries I did in last three summers ;).

Fred, I notice there’s a Classic Meeting at Paul Ricard on the April 4th and 5th with a lot of the racing “good old boys” in attendance. I’m going to be there with my brother and a mate on our bikes. Will you club be going as well ? If you are, then perhaps we could open it up to the UK boys in this club to go as a group ? We have already tentatively pencilled in the end of May for Dijon.